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About Cambridge HOTmaths

Cambridge HOTmaths is a comprehensive mathematics learning system – an interactive online maths learning, teaching and assessment resource for students and teachers, for individuals or whole classes, for school and at home.

A suite of flexible resources (printable and online) are provided for all types of classrooms ranging from those with no technology to full laptop access, and includes projectable material in all lessons for interactive and non-interactive whiteboards.

Developed by a dedicated group of educators, technicians and designers, Cambridge HOTmaths is a high quality maths resource for students and teachers.

In September 2009 Cambridge and HOTmaths combined forces to offer cutting-edge technology and best practice to support mathematics teaching and learning in Australian and New Zealand schools.

Cambridge University Press has since published a range of products with integrated digital resources powered by Cambridge HOTmaths, including Essential Mathematics, Cambridge Senior Mathematics, ICE-EM Mathematics Third Edition and CambridgeMATHS Stage 6. These products deliver a host of interactive features to enhance the teaching and learning experience, and when connected to a class teacher account offer a powerful Learning Management System.

Cambridge University Press has been publishing high-quality curriculum-based materials for school students for over 150 years. It publishes across a range of subject areas including Mathematics, Business and Commerce, Information Technology, History and English.

Cambridge HOTmaths is committed to the future of education in the region, and will continue to develop exceptional resources that reflect specific syllabus requirements and broader curriculum developments and incorporate educational change and technological innovation.

To learn more about Cambridge University Press visit

About the writers

Sharon London

Sharon joined HOTmaths in 2004, seeing it as a potential agent of change in mathematics teaching and learning. She has vast experience teaching in government and private schools in Australia (including being an inaugural staff member of Bradfield College) and in an international technology college in Brunei. Sharon lectured in teacher education programs, presented to teacher audiences, and has been active in mathematics professional associations for many years. Currently Sharon is involved in doctoral research on technology in mathematics teaching and learning at Macquarie University.

Janine Angove

Janine taught in NSW government secondary schools for 20 years. As a Mathematics Consultant for the NSW Department of Education and Training, she spent four years delivering professional development in both primary and secondary schools. For 3 years Janine wrote workbooks and online learning material for distance education students and she currently manages the content development for HOTmaths as well as writing much of the material.

Rachel Neely

Rachel holds a BA Dip ED from Macquarie University and a Graduate diploma of Computers in Education. She has taught in Primary Schools in NSW for more than 20 years and has extensive experience in the area of gifted education. Rachel regularly provides professional development to teachers on the use of technology in the classroom and implementation of the Australian Curriculum.

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Would you like to see Cambridge HOTmaths being demonstrated live? You can watch our Professional Development webinars and lots more video content on youtube.

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Cambridge HOTmaths and products powered by Cambridge HOTmaths privacy policy

What is this policy about?

What information does HOTmaths and Cambridge University Press collect and why?

HOTmaths and Cambridge University Press collect information that identifies you when you use Cambridge HOTmaths and products powered by Cambridge HOTmaths. This includes your first and last name, a username, a password, your email address, subscriber type, school and postcode.

Designated school administrators can also access this data to help them manage school subscriptions. They are required to treat this information as confidential.

Collection of information from social media

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Your control over your personally identifying information

Security of information

Changes to this policy

Cambridge University Press and/or HOTmaths may change this policy from time to time. If it does so, you will be notified by a message in your message centre.


If you would like to lodge a complaint about our privacy policies or the storage and treatment of your personal information, please email us at contact us marked for the attention of the HOTmaths Privacy Officer. We will review your complaint and respond to you within 5 business days.

Further information

If you would like further information about this policy, or would like to request a printed version of this policy, please email us at contact us.

Personal Information

Cambridge HOTmaths and Cambridge University Press respect your privacy. We collect and have access to your personal information so that we can manage your account. You don't have to provide us with your personal information, but it may limit how you use our program. We will not pass your details on to any third party other than our service providers, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Some of our service providers are located overseas, including in the US. By providing your personal information to HOTmaths in relation to the Cambridge HOTmaths program, you expressly consent to our service providers handling your personal information. Our Privacy Policy contains details about how to access and seek correction to your personal information, to complain about a breach of Australian Privacy Principles, or to contact us.

Terms and Conditions of Use


Use of the websites at, and is subject to these terms and conditions of use. The Sites are operated by The Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Cambridge, acting through its department Cambridge University Press ("Cambridge University Press") and HOTmaths Pty. Limited trading as Cambridge HOTmaths (ACN 094237233) ("HOTmaths"). Users who do not accept these Terms of Use are not authorised to use or continue using this website. We may amend these Terms of Use at any time and any revised version will be effective immediately, once it is displayed on this website. Except as permitted by the copyright law applicable to you or these Terms of Use, you may not reproduce or communicate any of the content on this website, including files downloadable from this website, without the written permission of the copyright owner.

In these Terms of Use:

Access Rights

There are three categories of Subscriber: Students, Teachers and Schools (on behalf of one or more students and/or teachers). In the case of a Student who is not at the time 18 years of age, the Application must be made by that student's school or by a parent, tutor, teacher, guardian or carer of that student. The Subscriber agrees with that the following terms and conditions will apply to the use of the Site by the User. The full texts of titles and ancillary materials (referred to below as 'content') available through Cambridge HOTmaths, Cambridge Senior Mathematics for the Australian Curriculum/VCE and Cambridge Essential Mathematics for the Australian Curriculum Second edition may only be accessed by Authorised Users.

An "Authorised User" is defined as:

An Authorised User will be provided with an access code that will need to be registered to an individual email address. Once registered, the Authorised User will have access to specific content on Cambridge HOTmaths. The Subscriber warrants that all information contained in the Application is true and acknowledges that it is their responsibility to advise HOTmaths within seven (7) days of that information changing in any way including, but not limited to, updating email addresses by means of the relevant link.

The Subscriber will take, and where applicable will ensure that the user takes, all reasonable steps to prevent the Subscriber/User's password becoming known to any other person. The Subscriber will advise Cambridge University Press or HOTmaths immediately if the Subscriber or the User becomes aware of any unauthorised use of the password.

Subject to clause 4 below, the Subscriber acknowledges that the Site Material is the property of Cambridge University Press and/or HOTmaths and is copyright © Cambridge University Press or Cambridge HOTmaths or published under exclusive license from the copyright holder by Cambridge University Press. Except as permitted by law or these Terms of Use, the Subscriber will not, and where applicable the Subscriber will procure that the User will not, allow any other person to use the Site or reproduce or otherwise transmit any of the Site Material in any way whatsoever without first obtaining the written permission of HOTmaths or Cambridge University Press. HOTmaths reserves its entitlements under Part VB and Section 183 of the Copyright Act. For information about Part VB (educational use) and Section 183 (government use) visit and

A Teacher, or a User who is a teacher, may use Site Material for classroom instructional purposes such as projecting it onto a whiteboard, displaying it by means of other electronic media or printing it and distributing it to their students. Site Material also may be downloaded (excluding the PDF Textbook) to digital media for use within a school by Subscribers but must be immediately removed upon expiry of the subscription unless renewal is pending. The use of the Site Materials by a Teacher, or by a User who is a teacher, for any purpose other than the instruction of the students in their class at a time when their right to use the Site Materials is current or in the process of renewal, will constitute a breach of these Terms of Use

The Subscriber will indemnify HOTmaths and/or Cambridge University Press for any loss or damage sustained by it as a result of any breach of these Terms of Use by the Subscriber, including the Subscriber's obligations in respect of the activities of the User. The Subscriber acknowledges that circumstances may exist where damages are not an appropriate remedy and Cambridge University Press/HOTmaths are entitled to obtain injunctive relief.

Cambridge University Press and/or HOTmaths may terminate this agreement immediately if at any time the Subscriber is in breach of the Subscriber's obligations (including as a result of some act or omission by the User). The Subscriber acknowledges that termination for any reason will not entitle the Subscriber to a refund of any payments made to Cambridge University Press or HOTmaths prior to the date of such termination.

Cambridge University Press or HOTmaths will refund Subscriber payments upon receipt of a written submission from the Subscriber that the site does not deliver that which it claims to provide. Refunds will not be given where the Subscriber is using systems other than those identified in the 'System requirements' or where the Subscriber is misusing the system.

Cambridge University Press and HOTmaths reserve the right to alter their product and pricing systems at any time.

Permitted uses

PDF Textbooks

You are entitled to download and store PDF Textbooks on your local machine. However they may not be transferred to another party as an electronic or print version. The downloaded PDF Textbook is expressly available for personal use only.

Schools are entitled to load the downloaded PDFs onto their school network for use only for the same number of users as they have purchased printed or digital texts.

Other ancillary materials

Authorised Users may access, search and view content for personal use only. Print, copy and download permissions may vary depending on the sensitivity and rights available for the content.

Online Teacher Resources

Access to the PDF Textbook for individual use is included with Online Teacher Resources. The PDF Textbook may be downloaded onto one computer but may not be placed on the school network or transferred to another party. Other downloaded materials, except for the PDF Textbook, may be placed on your school network for use by other teachers at your school.

No other uses are permitted under these Terms of Use.

Prohibited Uses

Authorised Users are not permitted to:

Cambridge University Press' /HOTmaths's explicit written permission must be obtained in order to:

Intellectual Property Rights

Users acknowledge that all rights relating to Cambridge HOTmaths are the property of Cambridge University Press and HOTmaths and that these Terms of Use do not convey any right, title or interest therein except the right to use Cambridge HOTmaths in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Access Agreement accepted by you or your institution. Users undertake to ensure that the intellectual property rights of the copyright holder and the software owners and the moral rights of the authors of the content are not infringed. The content in the form published on Cambridge HOTmaths is copyright © Cambridge University Press or HOTmaths or published under exclusive license from the copyright holder by Cambridge University Press. Nothing in these Terms of Use shall in any way exclude, modify or affect any of these statutory rights under applicable copyright law. Reproduction and communication for educational purpose The Australian Copyright Act 1968 (the Act) allows a maximum of one chapter or 10% of the pages of this publication, whichever is the greater, to be reproduced and/or communicated by any educational institution for its educational purposes provided that the educational institution (or the body that administers it) has given a remuneration notice to Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) under the Act. For details of the CAL licence for educational institutions contact: Copyright Agency Limited Level 15, 233 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW 20000 Telephone: (02) 9394 7600 Facsimile: (02) 9394 7601 Email:

Disclaimers regarding services and materials

Owing to the nature of the Internet we cannot guarantee that Cambridge HOTmaths or the websites to which it is linked will always be available to users. You should ensure that you have appropriate protection against viruses and other security arrangements in place whilst using the Internet.

Although every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that the information on Cambridge HOTmaths was accurate at the time of publication, it is subject to variation at any time without notice and we do not give any warranty that any such information will be accurate or complete at any particular time or at all.

Cambridge HOTmaths and any information or other material contained in it are made available strictly on the basis that you accept it on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis. Where you rely on any information or other material contained in it, you do so entirely at your own risk and you accept that all warranties, conditions and undertakings, express or implied, whether by common law, statute, trade usage, course of dealings or otherwise in respect of this website are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

We exclude all liability whatever, to the fullest extent permitted by law, in respect of any loss or damage resulting or arising from any non-availability or use of Cambridge HOTmaths or of any other website linked to it, or from reliance on the contents of Cambridge HOTmaths or any material or content accessed through it.

Licence period and termination

The licence granted for your use of content on Cambridge HOTmaths is limited to the term, which is defined as:

"Year" is defined as running from registration of your Access Code until:

These Terms of Use shall remain in full force and effect for the duration of your access period or until such time as HOTmaths or Cambridge University Press may terminate its agreement for access to Cambridge HOTmaths.

In the event that an Authorised User commits a material breach of these Terms of Use, Cambridge University Press reserves the right at its sole discretion to either (i) withdraw access on a temporary basis, or (ii) terminate access on a permanent basis, to the content in the event of a deliberate and/or systematic breach of these Terms of Use by the Authorised User. Cambridge University Press further reserves the right to exercise all rights and remedies that may be available to it in law or equity.

Privacy Policy

If you supply personal details to Cambridge University Press and HOTmaths through Cambridge HOTmaths then you consent to our maintaining, recording, holding and using such personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


Links from Cambridge HOTmaths are provided for information and convenience only and we have no control over and cannot therefore accept responsibility or liability for the content of any linked third party website. We do not endorse any linked website.

Changes to Terms and Condition and Terms of Use

Users will be prompted to accept to our Terms of Use before they can use content on the Cambridge HOTmaths site. Cambridge University Press or HOTmaths may change, add or remove portions of these Terms of Use at any time and will again prompt users to accept these changes before continuing to use content on Cambridge HOTmaths.

Any notice given under this agreement must be in writing. Notices given to HOTmaths should be forwarded to and Notices to be given to the Subscriber should be forwarded to the email address specified in the Application.

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All enquiries and comments regarding the Terms of Use should be made to

HOTmaths Pty. Ltd.
ABN 13 094 237 233
PO BOX 300 Ramsgate, NSW, 2211
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Cambridge University Press is a syndicate of the University of Cambridge and our principal place of business in Australia is 477 Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne Victoria 3207. In the event of any comments or questions concerning these Terms of Use, please contact your sales representative or 03 8671 1400 or

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